The Truth sets us free from self imposed bondage to the things of this world.
Exploring the nature of Yahshua (Jesus)
Son of Elohim or Elohim?
He who sits upon the Throne
There is only one exhalted Throne, Who is seated upon it?
The Prophet
The people were expecting the Prophet foretold of by Moses.
Has the prophet come? If so, who is he?
The Branch
Who is the Branch spoken of in Zakar'Yah? This is a study comparing the prophesies of Zechariah and Revelation
First Born
A study defining the meaning of first born
We all have or have had preconceived ideas of the nature of Yahshua (Jesus). We must ask ourselves if our understanding is correct, or if there are errors we have inherited, ideas that have been perpetuated over the centuries by well meaning people following after those who came before them? 

The Authority of Yahshua (Jesus)
When did Yahshua receive his authority?
This article explores this question.
John 1:1
Is John 1:1 referring to Yahshua, or to something even more
profound and meaningful? This article studies the matter out.
Yahshua reasoning with the learned Torah scholars in the synagogue.
Index page
YHWH Shalom!
Comparing the end time prophesies
The Man of Lawlessness
Who is it? Can we know?
The Trinity on Trial

Yahshuas deity
I came For
What was Yahshua's goal?
Feed My Sheep
What did Yahshuah mean when he told this to Peter?
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