What’s the plan?

What is the Eternals purpose for creating us and allowing us to develop on the earth?

If you were the supreme ruler of the cosmos and wanted to have the most loving, obedient, and loyal servants what would you do? You would make them in your own image of course.

What if you were the ruler of the cosmos and had created a superior group of servants to do your will, and these servants served faithfully for a time and then many of them rebelled against you? Would you continue making these substandard servants? Or would you design a system that separates the weak, the mediocre, the luke-warm, the inferior, and indifferent from the best and make them your servants?

How would you test your potential servants? You would raise them from among the mediocre, you would show them what you expect, you would test them, and you would watch them as they either grow stronger through the tests and trials, or watch sadly as they return to being self seeking and worthless.

This is exactly what the Ruler of the cosmos is doing on this world. The Eternal has created billions/trillions of people on the earth through the years. The vast majority of these people fit into the substandard category.  (The broad way).

Only the best of the best will be found worthy to be servants of the Most High. He will accept only the finest, the most dedicated, and obedient. These chosen ones will have triumphed over the tests and trials placed before them and shown that they are worthy of serving Him faithfully. They will not turn aside from their service; they will loyally serve as long as they exist.

Look around you, the vast majority of the people that live on this earth would rather die than to serve, they will receive their reward.

Only a few heed the call and pass the tests placed before them. These are those few who have found the narrow way to the kingdom.

The Almighty desires obedient servants. To be obedient requires action. Proclaiming that you are obedient and not proving your obedience with action is a form of self deception which will place you with the luke-warm.

How are we to be obedient? We are to keep the commands of the Eternal as best as we can under our circumstance. The Almighty gave us a guidebook on how to be a proper servant. All that we need to know is within its pages and has been mass produced so that most people in the world have access to it.

The Eternal also gave us a living example to follow in the life and words of Yahshua. He kept the commands in the guidebook, his example shows us how not to pervert the commands in the guidebook to our own demise.

May you the reader be one of the chosen few. Able to rise above the foolishness of the world and pass the various tests and trials that perfect you and help make you a better servant. May the foolish pride of this world not overcome the perfect humility that comes from a sincere desire to serve the Creator of everything.


Allen S.

This page was last updated: April 3, 2016