What is the Eternals Name? Is their proof?

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Praise Yah!

Hallelujah! What does it mean? Lets explore and find out.

Open your scriptures to Psalm 68:4

It should read similar to this:

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.

Here we see that the Eternal has a name and it is given to us in our bibles. Lets explore further.

     Sing                   unto God,                  sing praises               to his name
     shiyr                    elohiym                            zamar                            shem                
Strongs  [07891]  Strongs  [0430]           Strongs  [02167]           Strongs  [08034]

           extol                    him that rideth           upon the heavens
           calal                             rakab                           `arabah
    Strongs  [05549]       Strongs  [07392]             Strongs  [06160]

by his name                JAH,                 and rejoice              before him.
     shem                        Yahh               `       alaz                         paniym
Strongs  [08034]   Strongs  [03050]  Strongs  [05937]     Strongs  [06440]

Strongs concordance shows ‘03050’ as the name of the Eternal. This is the only place in most bibles that the name appears. Is it the only place where this Strongs number occurs? Search it out.

When we seek the answer we discover that Strongs ‘03050’ occurs 49 times in the scriptures, yet it is only properly translated in most bibles one time.

There are 30 instances where the name of the Eternal is used in praise!

                              Praise                                   Yah!
                               halal                                     Yahh
                      Strongs  [01984]               Strongs  [03050]      

                                               Hallel - U - Yah!

Is HalleluYah limited to the Hebrew Old Testament (TaNaKh)?

Turn to Revelations 19... you will see something similar to this....

Rev 19:1  And after this I heard a loud voice of a great crowd in the heaven, saying, “Halleluyah! Deliverance and esteem and respect and power to יהוה  our Elohim!
Rev 19:2 “Because true and righteous are His judgments, because He has judged the great whore who corrupted the earth with her whoring. And He has avenged on her the blood of His servants shed by her.” 3 And a second time they said, “Halleluyah! And her smoke rises up forever and ever!” 4 And the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshipped Elohim who sat on the throne, saying, “Amĕn! Halleluyah!” 5 And a voice came from the throne, saying, “Praise our Elohim, all you His servants and those who fear Him, both small and great!” 6 And I heard as the voice of a great crowd, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunders, saying, “Halleluyah, for יהוה  Ěl Shaddai reigns!

We see that HalleluYah is there too.

    Strongs gives this definition of Yah:

1)Yah (Jehovah in the shortened form)
a)the proper name of the one true God
b) used in many compounds

1)names beginning with the letters 'Je' (also 'Jo')
2)names ending with 'iah' or 'jah'

We have seen previously that Yah is used in quite a few places in scripture.

Let us now look at the biblical names that contain the Fathers Name within them:

For fun try pronouncing the following names using the Yeh and Yah sounds to see which one appears to work best in most names.

Abijah                  אביה             My Father Is YAH -  1Chronicles 24:10                  
Adaiah                 עדיה             YAH Has Adorned  - 1Chronicles 6:41 or 6:26         
Adonijah              אדניה            YAH Is My Ruler - 1Chronicles 3:2
Ahaziah              YAH Has Seized - 1Chronicles 3:11
Ahijah                  My Redeemer Is YAH
Amariah              YAH Has Commanded
Amazyah             YAH Will Establish
Anaiah                 YAH Heeds
Ananiah               YAH Has Covered
Anthothijah          My Witness Is YAH
Asaiah                 YAH Will Bring To Pass
Athaiah                YAH Will Hasten
Athaliah                YAH Will Draw Together
Azaliah                 YAH Will Select
Azaniah               YAH Hears
Azariah                YAH Has Helped
Azaziah                YAH Will Prevail
Baaseiah             In The Gathering Of YAH
Bakbukiah           The Wasting Of YAH
Bealiah                YAH Is The Ruler
Bedeiah              Servant Of YAH
Benaiah               YAH Surely Will Build
Beraiah                YAH Is The Creator
Berechiah           Kneel To YAH
Besodeiah          In The Foundation Of YAH
Bithiah                 Daughter Of YAH
Bizjothjah             Contempt Of YAH
Bukkiah               YAH Will Waste
Chenaniah          YAH Has Planted
Conaniah            YAH Has Ordained
Coniah                 YAH Will Establish
Deliah                  YAH Will Draw Out
Dodaiah              Love Of YAH
Elijah                    My Mighty One is YAH
Gedaliah              YAH Is Magnificent
Gemariah            YAH Will Bring To Completion
Habaiah               YAH Will Hide
Hachaliah            Darkness Of YAH
Harhaiah              YAH Grows Hot In Anger
Hasadiah             YAH Will Reprove
Hashabiah           YAH Will Find Out
Hezekiah             YAH Will Prevail
Hilkiah                  YAH Is My Portion
Hodaiah               YAH Is Glorious
Hodaviah             YAH Is Majestic
Irijah                     Reverent Of YAH
Isaiah                   Salvation Of YAH
Ishaih                   YAH Will Exact
Ishmajah              YAH Will Hear
Ismachiah            YAH Will Sustain
Israhiah               YAH Will Rise Up
Jaazaniah           YAH Will Hearken
Jaaziah               YAH Will Be Fierce
Jahaziah             YAH Will Behold
Jeberedhiah       YAH Has Blessed
Jecamiah            YAH Will Establish
Jecholiah             YAH Will Enable
Jeconiah              YAH Will Provide
Jedaiah               YAH Has Known
Jedidiah              Beloved Of YAH
Jehdeiah             YAH Is A Unity
Jehiah                  YAH Will Restore To Life
Jehoadah            Advanced By YAH
Jehoaddan          Delightful To YAH
Jehoahaz            Seized By YAH
Jehoiachin          Ordained Of YAH
Jehoiada             Known Of YAH
Jehoiakim           Established By YAH
Jehoiarib             YAH Will Rebuke
Jehoram              YAH Is Exalted
Jehoshabeath    Sabbath Of YAH
Jehoshaphat       Judgement Of YAH
Jehosheba         Completion Of YAH
Jehozabad          YAH Will Confer
Jehozadak          YAH Is Righteousness
Jehu                     YAH Is He
Jehucal                YAH Is Able
Jekamiah            YAH Will Perform
Joab                    YAH Is Our Father
Joah                     YAH Is Our Kindred
Joannas              YAH Is Merciful
Joash                   Fire Of YAH
Jochebed            YAH Is Glorious
Joel                      YAH Is Our Strength
Joezer                  YAH Is Our Aid
Joha                     YAH Will Make Alive
Jonadab              Offer Willingly To YAH
Jonah                   Ornament Of YAH
Jonathan              YAH Has Given
Joshua               YAH Is Salvation (also known as Yah'shua)
Jothan                  YAH Is Perfect
Jozachar             YAH Marks
Kelaiah                YAH Will Despise
Kolaiah                Voice Of YAH
Kushaiah             Entrapped Of YAH
Maadiah              YAH Will Continue
Maaseiah            The Working Of YAH
Maaziah               YAH Will Cause To Save
Malchiah              Appointed By YAH
Mattaniah            Gift Of YAH
Melatiah              Cemented Of YAH
Melchiah              Appointed By YAH
Meraiah               Rebellion Against YAH
Meshelemiah      Ally Of YAH
Mikneiah              Brought Of YAH
Moadian              Appointed Feast Of YAH
Moriah                 Seen Of YAH
Neariah               Active For YAH
Nedabiah            Offer Freely To YAH
Nehemiah            YAH Has Consoled
Nethaniah            Shown Of YAH
Noadiah              Set Time For YAH
Obadiah              Worshiper Of YAH
Pedaiah              YAH Has Redeemed
Pekahiah             YAH Has Observed
Pelaiah                Separated Out By YAH
Pelaliah               Judgement Of YAH
Pelatiah               YAH Will Cause To Escape
Pethahiah            YAH Has Drawn Out
Raamiah              YAH Has Shaken
Ramiah                YAH Has Exalted
Reaiah                 YAH Has Marked
Rechabiah           YAH Will Enlarge
Reelaiah              YAH Will Cause To Reel
Remaliah             YAH Will Bedeck
Rephaiah             YAH Is The Physician
Semachiah          YAH Will Bear Up
Seraiah                YAH Prevails
Shamariah          YAH Will Guard
Shebaniah          Growth In YAH
Shechaniah         YAH Will Inhabit
Shechariah          YAH Seeks Diligently
Shelemiah           Peace Offering To YAH
Shemaiah            YAH Will Call Together
Shemariah          YAH Has Guarded
Sheriah                YAH Has Separated
Tobiah                 Righteousness Of YAH
Uriah                    YAH Will Set Afire
Uzziah                  Strength Of YAH
Vaniah                 YAH Will Witness

Has the Eternals name been lost?
Don't we at the very least have the shortened version of His name, handed down in names and praise?

Is their a command against using the true name of the Eternal?

Is it strongly suggested that we use His name in praise?

Psalm 135:1, 3

HalleluYah! Praise the Name of YHWH; Praise, you servants of YHWH, 2Who are standing in the House of YHWH, In the courts of the House of our Elohim,

3HalleluYah, for YHWH is tov; Sing praises to His Name, for it is pleasant. 4For Yah has chosen Ya'aqob for Himself,

Let us honor our Creator by calling upon His name, even if only in private!
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